To assist the high end condominium developer in both increasing the value of their project and increasing their competitiveness in a tightening marketplace.



Kay + Sons became involved early in the project to work along side of the developer, sales agents, audio visual consultant and construction team to recommend shading, lighting control and AV solutions that are sensitive to the exterior appearance of the building, are consistent with the high end aesthetics of the project, and that integrate seamlessly with each other, as well as other technology desired by the owner.



Basic guidelines and standards were established for the shading systems and window treatments that helped maintain the design intent of the project. These systems were sourced and priced specifically for the project; providing the developer with not only the aesthetic results desired, but also a strong marketing tool that served as a competitive advantage over the competing properties in the market.

The condo owners moved into a new home that was already technology enabled and was easily integrated with their lighting and AV control requirements; receiving greater value from their condo purchase.

The owner’s construction costs were also reduced as a result of our early involvement and planning regarding the electrical wiring and coordination with these other products.