Our Mission

Since 1922, Kay & Sons has provided a competitive advantage to our clients from our unmatched expertise in solar shading technology. As the leading national marquis project expert, we combine that expertise with our best-in-class organization to partner with our clients to help them take the lead in their marketplace.

Our Story

Leading for Nearly a Century

The challenges facing our clients have changed drastically since Kay & Sons was founded in 1922… and so have the solutions. Today we are able to better contribute to our customer’s success by using sophisticated technology and a “solutions partner” approach to their projects -helping them transform their challenges into opportunities.

A Breakthrough Opportunity for Savings

Kay & Sons is a pioneering installer of cutting-edge solar shading technology that harvests and manages natural daylight – allowing seamless integration with intelligent sensors, lighting controls and building management systems.

Our expertise in Total Light Management technology allows us to create customized work environments for greater productivity and significant reductions in energy and operating costs.

A Vital Role

The full benefits of Total Light Management technology are only possible when we work as an innovative design advisor and collaborative partner throughout the life of the project.

This is a role Kay & Sons has perfected and plays with each client. Our reputation for success on the most challenging projects in the industry was built on reliably and seamlessly contributing to our client’s success in this way.

We become part of our client’s team, working as their partner from day one to reduce project costs and minimize their risk, while giving them an unmatched competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Our Team – Your Team

Every successful project begins with a large number of people creating a brilliant Master Plan – and ends with a relatively small number of people doing the impossible when something goes wrong with The Plan. Every individual on the Kay & Sons team – in sales, project management, the office or in the field, every individual knows that he or she bears a personal responsibility that at any moment the success of our client’s project may hinge on his or her willingness to “do the impossible” when the chips are down. This is a responsibility they take seriously, with pride.

Everyone of our people are committed to making Kay & Sons a great place to work and a place to be proud of.

Our Projects

Protecting Your Investment

Our Partners