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"Total Light Management Systems are one of the most effective ways for us to lower energy demand.

As daylighting contractors evolve in the marketplace, companies who are leading, like Kay + Sons, are going to be more successful by delivering reliable systems that people don't have to spend a lot of time worrying about."

— Glenn Hughes, Project Manager/ Consultant – New York Times

What Kay + Sons has found is that in industries across the country, leading facilities managers are offering their companies a dramatic competitive advantage by focusing on “the forgotten 40%” – the 40% of total building energy which is consumed by lighting.

Kay + Sons partners with these leading facility managers and helps them rethink the way they use energy and implementing a newly perfected design for the management of their total lighting systems in their buildings.  Kay + Sons plays the role of “conductor” in the following ways:

1. Smarter Utilization of Daylight - Windows as a Controllable Light Source

  • Controlled automated solar shading to harvest “free” natural light
  • Individualized control for increased employee comfort and productivity, while reducing HVAC costs

2. Use Artificial Light as a Supplement to Daylight

  • Reduced dependency on artificial light
  • Reduced life cycle costs of investment in artificial lighting system

3. Deliver Only The Light That Is Needed

  • “Control strategies” create an unmatched level of efficiency of how lights are used
  • Reduced energy costs from both lighting and HVAC systems

4. Orchestrate the Benefits of other systems, such as HVAC, with the Benefits from Lighting

  • Flexible, scalable systems that are “future proof”,  new technology can be added to them
  • Interoperable with all systems and technology – protects investments in other technology and provides a greater level of information and control

5. Use Other People’s Money

  • Because of the ability to control, monitor and report - our systems provide the client maximum ability to capture other financial returns in addition to the increased energy savings.  We help with these items.
  • The Utilities’ Money – Demand-Response Programs
  • State & Federal Grants and Subsidies
  • Federal Tax Credits
  • Innovative Financing Strategies


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