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“Commercial buildings use 71% of the electricity in the United States and commercial office buildings are the lion share of that.

So if we can manage and lower the amount of energy that we’re using for lighting in commercial buildings, and lighting being the largest single use of energy in commercial buildings, then we’re taking pressure off of the grid and significant pressure off of our customers…”

—Barry Kay, President – Kay + Sons LLC

Total Light Management is the intelligent and thoughtful use of both natural and artificial light. Our strategies contribute to our customer’s ability to reduce energy costs and increase the productivity of their workforce. We then help clients use these solutions to further contribute to their bottom line by incorporating them with the many financial incentives that exist in the marketplace – delivering to them an innovative “holistic” approach to how their light is managed.
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Although we objectively represent many of the major manufacturers in the industry, several of the product types that we incorporate into our solutions are listed for example only:


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