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When you chop occupancy costs this much, they don’t call it savings, they call it competitive advantage.

In the first phase of this economic downturn, many companies captured energy savings by tweaking and trimming their building energy systems, including simple lighting system adjustments such as relamping.

Across every industry, our clients – facilites managers of all types – are being asked the same question by their CFO’s: “How can you help us be more competitive by cutting costs and increasing productivity?”

The answer in every case is: Stop throwing away one-third of all the energy you buy for your buildings every day. The solution is Total Light Management.

Today Kay + Sons is helping a growing number of facilities managers give their companies a competitive advantage by going well beyond traditional methods of energy use reduction such as “changing light bulbs.” Kay + Sons partners with facilities managers to develop intelligent lighting control strategies that can significantly impact a company’s bottom line profitability.

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